Farmers and Me

For me, it has always been an endearing and touching experience to talk, observe and interact with farmers.  While speaking with them, I get an opportunity to feel their honesty, anger, optimistic nature, trust, care, and fear, all together. I say honest because they have nothing to hide and are true to themselves. They are angry because they do not get proper support from the government, which includes unfair minimum support prices, less to negligible compensation for the crops that were ruined during a flood which followed uncertain rainfall events. Despite this, they are optimistic about their agricultural growth and trust other people who promise them improvements in crop and soil health, and make efforts to help. I also observe their caring nature when they usually ask me not to come in the afternoon in the intense heat. Additionally, their large-hearted caring nature is evident to me as I have been offered lunch in their homes often. I go to the field and interview farmers as a part of a job. However, their stories have gripped me and have left a great impact that has helped in my own mental growth. I have realized that they do not have many amenities and live simple lives. But still, they are happy with their lives and have the patience to listen to other people.  Ultimately, it seems to me that they have some kind of peace in their mind and are satisfied with their work. Ofcourse, I am not saying that they do not have tensions or stress; perhaps they are living a very hard life and facing financial crises, but they never get rude or impatient with me.

On the other hand, despite having sufficient money and good lifestyles, we are still searching for mental peace and satisfaction in our work because, in reality, we do not enjoy the present moment or are unable to stay in the present, and always think about our future, leading to a frustrated and an impatient attitude. We do not appreciate ourselves despite having a lot of things, unlike farmers, and we are always running to achieve more and more. This has made me realize that farmers enjoy the amenities they have and will be happier if they get more, without having expectations. Whereas we do not enjoy our present state and keep running to achieve more, with high expectations.

If I ask a question to people about what they really wants in their life, I would probably get an answer “they want to stay happy”. However, they do not understand that we cannot buy happiness. Rather, it is a choice of an individual whether he wants to stay happy or not. This is very crazy nowadays, our happiness is dependent on others, we demand from others to do what we are expecting, for example, if my mood is good and we are expecting, other’s mood should be good. Consequently, I think, as educated people, we make our lives so complicated that it affects our personal and professional life by causing depression, anxiety etc. We really need to introspect and start living freer lives. I wrote this to share my experiences while interviewing farmers.

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Chetna Bhagriareply
October 19, 2018 at 1:12 am

You are so right. Peace of mind does not come with a lot money or comfort. It comes from inside. I always belive our life is inside out not the otherway. Thanks for sharing amazing view

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